Start Small, Stay Focused, and Scale Up Later

MM: I want to again thank you very much for the interview. Any last comments you’d like to say about our interview today?

BG: To expand on that last comment about the Henry Stewart Symposium. Since those two Henry Stewart conferences, I have spoke with many people from Fortune 500 companies who still after attending the shows can’t figure out how to start their DAM system. They are at the stage I was at a few years ago but they can’t even figure out where to begin to build their asset management system. I still feel that the conferences are really good technically however they could even be more helpful if they take it back a notch, to my level. Not so technical, and the give them small steps to follow for starting.

People want to go out and wrap their arms around every part of their business, and get everybody involved and onboard with DAM. Then it just gets confusing because everybody has different needs, different people they want to work with. Right? You get stuck on how to start, where to start and who to use. You just can’t get it off the ground. At that point, they probably think they need IT. Yikes!

If I would’ve gone out and tried to get the Direct channel onboard with me it would have been really confusing. Our uses, needs and workflow are different. I never would’ve gotten this off the ground. Now, it is easier to loop them in, layer on their needs and workflow after our channel is up and functioning.

I stay in touch with those companies that have not started yet and although I’m not technically savvy, what I’m saying to them helps. I think that those shows need a couple of courses more for people that are coming there to want to know how to get it started.

MM: In the course of specifying the system, IT says, “Oh—we’re going to build it ourselves.”

That’s the last thing that you want: an IT person or department creating a rich media DAM. Of course, they don’t believe in anything called Macintoshes. So everything gets dumbed down to Soviet-quality media-production standards. Then they’re surprised that nobody uses it.

That was the perfect lead-in to what we’ll be launching in 2009. It’s a social media portal called, “Masters of Digital Assets.” It’s going to have an academy section to it of certified consultants. It’ll also be a place that we’ll be able to append interviews like this, or portions of them, anyway. So as to tell the journey of DAM, from the point of view of a practitioner such as yourself, as opposed to reading it from a journalist’s point of view.

BG: Yes. That would be fantastic

MM: Well, let’s wrap it up, here. Thank you very much BJ, and Andrew.

Author Bio: BJ Gray

Marketing Resource Management Specialist with 15+ years’ production and operations experience. Expertise in producing 2-D and 3-D projects, developing workflow solutions and managing complex and multifaceted projects. Known for process innovation, creative integrity and value engineering, skilled in leading multifunctional and cross-cultural teams, leveraging large budgets and delivering profit optimization for leading industry players such as Victoria’s Secret, Oracle, and Saatchi & Saatchi.

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