Skills of DAM professionals


MM: Are there any other particular technologies or other kinds of complementary skills that a DAMster should have?

JK: I think a DAMster should have as much knowledge about Adobe’s Creative Suite as they can obtain. I know that’s a very broad statement. There’s so much to extract from the Creative Suite.

But what I’ve seen over the past several years, I think a DAMster could really benefit from learning as much as they could about Adobe’s Creative Suite and Adobe’s future direction when analyzing the Creative Suite.


MM: Adobe’s Creative Suite has evolved beyond just a set of tools and technologies. The Creative Suite has become a career platform—a toolset for innovating new workflows and processes, as well as career and business opportunities.

JK: I couldn’t agree more. I think from what I’ve seen, that trend will only continue.

MM: Would you speak to becoming more skilled in the particulars, not just of the Creative Suite, but how to engage and thrive in the whole ecosystem of tools, technologies, and plugins that fit into that?

JK: Yes. Think about how those tools could possibly overlap in the future. I’ll give you an example.

In Flash at one point, you might need to know how to do some coding and scripting and whatnot. I envision Adobe pushing more of that work back to the designer. When the designer creates, the code will somehow be generated in the background. And maybe that piece as a whole gets passed off to a developer, to a client, to a database, et cetera, et cetera.

Adobe is going to make it easier and easier for creative types to do more exciting, innovative work as we progress out.


MM: We’ve seen in the new Creative Suite 4 that Adobe added a whole bunch of tools for Web, print, and multimedia. In one respect, the creative professional no longer works in the isolated ghetto of just a print or an online group. Rather, the creative professional has emerged as a multimedia, multimodal communications specialist.

JK: Yes. And the one thing they’re missing is a DAM to organize all of that for you. They don’t do workflow, per se. Combining the two can really help your organization tremendously.


MM: Fabulous. Would you have any final summarizing statements for DAM and related systems at Newsday?

JK: Yes. I would say in everyone’s busy work career, sometimes we get so caught up in the day to day that we don’t have time to think strategically about the future. Think strategically about a DAM and how it can benefit your organization, and you won’t be sorry.

MM: Okay! James, I want to thank you very much for the time that you’ve spent with us. Great success in terms of continuing to drive process innovation into Newsday.

JK: Thank you, Michael. It was my pleasure.

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