SaaS Flies Under ITs Radar

BG: Sad to say, but we want to keep IT out of our projects, and we want to keep our executives out of our budgets.

MM: BJ, that really underscores the whole value proposition of “software as a service.” That’s, “I don’t have to deploy anything.” You call it a web service, but it’s hosted on the web. It’s not just hosted on the web, but hosted to multiple clients from the same code base.

BG: Yes.

MM: That means that if I make an improvement here, then everybody that’s using the system gets the improvement.

BG: Yes. Just how life should be!

MM: Well, increasingly, that’s going to be how life is.

BG: Right.

MM: One of the things that’s really given you the ability to fly under the radar has been taking this software as a service route, trusting that your vendor would manage these assets in a way that was trusted and secure and certain.

Generally, that’s the hump or hurdle through which a lot of people need to go—called, “Can I really trust a company to manage these assets?”

It seems that the other critical element of trusting these companies is that the company hosting the system is really an independent service provider, as opposed to part of your print supply chain.

BG: Agree.

MM: Then all of a sudden if it’s simply a service as part of the print supply chain, you’re kind of locked into a transaction model that can get expensive.

BG: Yes. Unless they’re flexible with how you run your system. If they don’t feel threatened by other competitors working in their system.

MM: I suspect that was one of the primary reasons printing firms spun off a hosted DAM—to lock in their customers, and to create an emotional if not physical barrier to switching.

BG: Yes. Correct.

MM: So I think your choice was spot-on by going to an independent DAM services company that wasn’t trying to make money as a function of selling printing or color retouch or any of the other prepress services.

BG: Yes. It’s been a great choice for staying flexible with the people I want to work with.

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