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At this stage of a Solution Lifecycle, most buyers find themselves “lost in the fog” of issues, problems, conflicts, and general dissatisfaction with the status quo. However, before they can move, they must answer several essential questions.

With respect to retrieving reusable media components and templates as well as “use as-is” content, what are the easily acknowledged issues (symptoms)?

  • Lots of collaboration on marketing materials with external agencies and partners.
  • Time wasted trying to find assets that already exist; still more time lost when sharing them across distributed teams.
  • Often workers keep offline their work-in-process and finalized assets.
  • Money wasted buying image assets that the organization had previously licensed but could not retrieve.
  • Customers particularly want a better way of managing the images they licensed from Getty or Corbis and making them available to their organizations
  • Difficulty staying on brand. Particularly with global corporations, there is a struggle to manage the brand assets and ensure consistent use throughout the organization. Need to define what constitutes a brand asset; need also make them more available.
  • Staying compliant with rights. Hard to manage licenses and ensure that all uses are compliant. Need consistent visibility into rights and restrictions and ability to track usages – a Sarbanes-Oxley issue.
  • Difficult and time-consuming process to distribute materials to end-users internally and externally. Particularly difficult across multiple territories. Hard to distribute on time. Need to issue amendments/revisions quickly
  • Difficulty measuring the effectiveness of marketing initiatives. There is a lack of visibility and accountability around what has been spent, on what, and what was the return.

What else have you found in your experience?

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