Requirements definition: UNDERLYING BUSINESS PROBLEM

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At this stage of a Solution Lifecycle, most buyers find themselves “lost in the fog” of issues, problems, conflicts, and general dissatisfaction with the status quo. However, before they can move, they must answer several essential questions.

Underlying Business Problem
What is the real, underlying business problem that when addressed will eliminate most if not all of the current symptoms?

  • Lack of single repository for marketing and brand assets. Existing tools such as network drives and FTP simply don’t work
  • Lack of single metadata model for assets in repository, including information about license and usage restrictions
  • Lack of ownership or governance of the repository
  • Inflexible permissioning makes it hard to open system up to many different users
  • Total cost of ownership considered too high, particularly in terms of up front costs

What else have you found in your experience?

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