Requirements definition: ORGANIZATIONAL ISSUES

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At this stage of a Solution Lifecycle, most buyers find themselves “lost in the fog” of issues, problems, conflicts, and general dissatisfaction with the status quo. However, before they can move, they must answer several essential questions.

What underlying organizational issues add to the “fog” of more clearly diagnosing the real business problem?

  • Lots of different marketing silos, i.e., multiple groups working with assets, for example brand teams, creative services, marketing operations
  • Lots of data silos within different teams. Often lack of ownership over whose issues is the better management of assets – is this marketing, content management, IT?
  • Marketing in general is a black science. Certain skepticism around what marketing actually does which makes it harder to justify spending on operational and infrastructural tools like digital asset management. Marketers can’t talk to IT
  • High personal turnover can make it hard to get at the real issues
  • Individuals prefer to keep control of assets for job security and control.

What else have you found in your experience?

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