Requirements definition: HINDERING ISSUES

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At this stage of a Solution Lifecycle, most buyers find themselves “lost in the fog” of issues, problems, conflicts, and general dissatisfaction with the status quo. However, before they can move, they must answer several essential questions.

Hindering issues
What else has prevented them from already solving this problem?

  • DAM seen as a technical implementation and yet the main beneficiary is the marketing department who are generally unwilling or uninterested in technical implementations – they are scared off by technology
  • Certain corporate culture favor an installed solution over ASP or on-demand but are then scared off by potential disruption and time required to deploy even a host solution.
  • General view that DAM has failed to live up to its promise – inability to articulate the ROI both in terms of cost savings and/or revenue enhancement, as appropriate
  • Cost of opening DAM up to multiple users in many countries requiring multiple languages etc
  • Marketing department’s inability to create a proper ROI justification. Costs are scattered across multiple functions so its not easy to do a simple cost justification

What else have you found in your experience?

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