Process innovations from the bottom-up

MM: If I were to summarize; one, you had a technology that integrated seamlessly with Mac and PC users.

Two, Cumulus accommodated all the file types and media formats that you use and has plugins and a developer community to address new or specialized file types.

Three, you and your consultant, Vince, got involved up front with the creative and production staffs, getting them to participate in creating customized look and feel dashboards that reflected the elegance and the efficiencies that they’ve come to appreciate and demand from tools like the Adobe Suite and the Mac platform.

Four, over time you began to add new automated tasks, services, and capabilities, using scripting and the functions of the operating system—as well as plugins to the end-user client or DAM server. Basically, you evolved into a pretty complex and powerful workflow that continues to evolve one small innovation at a time. Now, you have a pretty sophisticated ecosystem and a platform that supports very complex multidimensional workflows.

JK: Yes. I think you covered all the points. There’s no need for the organization to try to do this thing and try to customize it and script it right out of the box. You can start small and evolve a little bit each month—over a year’s time, it really adds up. And we don’t shock the user community with big changes. We’re closing in on a quarter million assets—and we started in July of 2007.

MM: How many users and assets do you have now?

JK: We have probably over 200 users, a quarter million assets, and I’d say we average 100 assets per day. But we can certainly put 600 or 700 in a day on a busy day. We could hit 1,000 new cataloged assets on a very, very busy week, between all the different departments—especially over the Christmas holidays. We support videos and Flash and PDFs and Photoshop files and InDesign files. Every file type that Cumulus supports. My groups are under strict instructions, “If you touch it, it goes into Cumulus.”

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