On DAM Symposia by Henry Stewart Events

MM: With respect to the Henry Stuart DAM Symposia… I take it you’ve been there before.

BG: Yes. To the New York one last year, and to the LA one in November.

MM: What was your experience of being there as an industry peer?

BG: New York, I really went to observe, listen and meet people. So I got a lot out of the New York show. I thought it was great. I met some really interesting people from MRMLogiQ, which is a marketing resource management company over in Europe.

The LA show, I came in just to speak on Andrew Salop’s panel. I think my whole energy was just focused on being on that panel and getting out. But I did hear the LA show was really interesting and went well, from friends of mine that had attended and had booths there.

MM: What would’ve been a couple of takeaway, “Ah-ha” insights that you would’ve gotten from either of the shows?

BG: Well, I am not very technical. That New York conference on DAM was heavily weighted in the technical realm of building a DAM. So I’ve met companies that have explained more about the technology of DAM and not as much about how you go about getting one started.

There were a few sessions I attended where they were actually too technical and I didn’t understand. And a few sessions where they discussed a little how they got their DAM systems off the ground. I took away a few tools to use to get mine off the ground, and to do it under the radar. Those are my biggest “A-has.”

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