Next Steps in the Journey of DAM

MM: What do you anticipate as the next step of your journey?

BG: It’s like opening Pandora’s box, now.

MM: Why do you think they call it Victoria’s Secret?

BG: I know! I think the next part of the dream would be definitely to get the web and catalog channel’s content posted up to the GLOBALedit DAM.

We have so many images that we actually share between the two channels. I really would like to see them play on the system so that we have quick, easy access to each other’s assets.

MM: Do they have their own system at this point?

BG: They do. And it’s offline. Part of it is at their print vendor. It’s kind of embedded into their print workflow.

MM: That’s over at Quebecor or they are now called Worldcolor. Right?

BG: Yes. It’s built into their publishing. I do not believe they post all of the images from the photo shoots there.

MM: No. They only post production items. Production photography. I think that reflects also on the billing relationship that Quebecor/World Color or what used to be the old World Color Group. That reflects the contractual details of their relationship.

BG: Right. I am 95% sure that they also have an interim DAM system that is on their server up in New York. So they kind of have a two-folded DAM system.

The dream would be to have us all on one. They are looking at it, which is pretty exciting.  They are right now meeting with Industrial Color, and at least talking about letting it be their base library. If they have to connect out to their own asset-management systems at their printer, that’s fine.

The second dream is to have greater metadata functionality. A little more automated workflow for the metadata. If you make a change in the metadata, it would be easier to undo it, have more individual field control. Just a little bit more ease for the library managers to work with the metadata. It’s the tool that we’re basing our whole system on so you want it to be the most robust.

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