Newspaper industry transformations

MM: You talked about how publishing in general and newspapers in particular continue to undergo significant structural changes to their business models and sources of revenue. Could you expand upon some of those changes and how digital technology continues to provide a platform for innovating and driving some of those changes or addressing some of those market forces?

JK: Sure. Historically, when we would work an ad that would appear in print, it would be very common to work the ad, make paper proofs, and have the sales rep—the account executive—swing by and pick up the proof to take out to the client.

Through digital technology, we have taken that to the next level. Using a system like Canto Cumulus, we can work through the ad and publish it. Then instead of us having to make paper proofs and have a sales rep swing by to pick that up and take it to the client, the sales assistant who’s in the building can log into the Cumulus system via a Web client. They can search on the client name and look at the proof themselves. From there, we can email it to the client or the account exec—whoever wants it.

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