Digital Mailrooms

Digital Mailrooms: Fixing Your Weakest Link in the Customer Value Chain

Business case for the centralized digital processing of paper-based mail, business forms, faxes, and email, speeding an organization’s overall time to satisfy customer requests for information, order processing, and service fulfillment. Includes analysis of lifecycle costs and cycle-time gains for processing new mortgages, new account establishment, accounts receivables, and service-fulfillment cycles in a public institution (36 pages)


Most large business-to-consumer and public sector organizations seek better and less costly ways of serving customers, growing revenues, and reducing exposure to risk.

This paper makes the case that automating physical mailroom operations supports all three strategic aims, shoring up one of the weakest links of customer engagement: cycle times and mistakes in physical mailflows.


The growing preference of customers for online, interactive services continues to drive overall expectations of value and satisfaction, demanding that enterprises improve all customer-facing business processes.

The relatively new term, customer engagement, conveys a new strategic priority and operational capability of the enterprise: how to attract, serve, and keep customers for life.

Networked customers demand faster, more cogent, and transparent fulfillment of their requests for information, service, and satisfaction.

Digital mailroom processing marks the next logical step in improved customer engagement.

This paper makes the case that sluggish, error-prone mailflow processing suppresses revenues from both new and existing customers, diminishing overall satisfaction, brand equity, and loyalty.


The digital, online, pan-regional processing of customer-generated paper-based communications—a function of DIGITAL MAILROOMS—speeds an organization’s overall time to satisfy customer criteria for timely and more personal service fulfillment.

Faster time to satisfy customers unlocks revenues already in engagement-revenue pipelines, adding the equivalent of 2.9 days of revenues to the firm.

Finally, this paper demonstrates how other productivity dividends (cost and labor savings) fund enterprise wide digital mail processing and paperless business processes.


Digital mailrooms increase revenues, speeding an organization’s overall time to satisfy customers in the engagement-revenue pipeline and, thus, funding enterprise wide digital mail processing.


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