Tech for Marketing

This series addresses many IT-related issues of productivity and IT service management that often affect or contribute to a firm’s ability to attract, serve, and keep profitable customers for life.

Business Case For Automating the Business-Forms Lifecycle

Strategies, business metrics, and activity-based payback models that justify an integrated electronic forms-processing system for financial services, government, and manufacturing, emphasizing how the rigidity and logistics burdens of manual, paper-based forms add hidden costs and time delays to critical business information flows (32 pages) DOWNLOAD NOW

Digital Mailrooms: Fixing Your Weakest Link in the Customer Value Chain

Business case for the centralized digital processing of paper-based mail, business forms, faxes, and email, speeding an organization’s overall time to satisfy customer requests for information, order processing, and service fulfillment. Includes analysis of lifecycle costs and cycle-time gains for processing new mortgages, new account establishment, accounts receivables, and service-fulfillment cycles in a public institution (36 pages) DOWNLOAD NOW

Impact of Enterprise Collaboration on Productivity of Intangible Assets

Business case for speeding acquisitions and divestitures, value-chain innovations, enhanced customer value, and strategic sourcing of indirect spend with enterprise collaboration platforms (40 pages) DOWNLOAD NOW