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Customer Engagement Infrastructure

How social media works with business development


This 28-page executive white paper introduces the concept of the customer engagement cycle and calls attention to those technologies and practices that accelerate the end-to-end process of how firms attract, serve, and keep profitable customers for life:

  • Multichannel analytics
  • Messaging and personalization platform
  • Voice-of-customer content analytics
  • Content planning and optimization
  • Multimodal content management
  • Process orchestration platforms and partners
  • Customer engagement objects
  • Information maturity model for customer engagement
  • Process maturities for four engagement cycle technologies

Please follow the link below to download the white paper. You will be brought to a short form to complete and once you hit the Submit Button you will have access to the White Paper.

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Essential Questions Answers in this Paper
  • Who helped produce this white paper?
  • What must guide all investments in new marketing technologies?
  • How do we define customer engagement?
  • How does a marketing operation engage customers?
  • What technologies support customer engagement?
  • What constitutes the customer engagement cycle, emphasizing seven phases by which firms define and create engaging content?
  • What technologies provide the foundation for mastering the engagement cycle?
  • What comprises an information maturity model of customer engagement?
  • How do particular buyer reactions to content produce behavioral data, emphasizing a progression of data collection activities?
  • What comprise the process-maturity phases of multichannel marketing analytics, an example of one engagement-cycle process maturity?
  • How can an engagement maturity model clarify a firm’s next steps?
  • How will digital systems and self-directed customers drive organizational transformation of marketing operations?
  • What constitutes a customer portfolio management firm, a new center of excellence in the marketing supply chain that will replace traditional marketing agencies?

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