Collateral Factories

Pan-regional Marketing Productivity Dividends from Outsourced Collateral Operations

How to redirect savings from outsourced pan-regional collateral operations to additional media placements and campaigns within existing operational budgets


This 80-page executive white paper makes the business case for the full-service pan-regional collateral factories the provide:

  • Simple pay-for-page localization
  • Managed operations and systematized best practices
  • Instant automated collateral-artwork production and retailer modifications
  • Online workflow and approval platform
  • Online progress monitoring, reporting, and process quality controls.
  • Real-time workflow data interfaces to enterprise IT systems

Please follow the link below to download the white paper. You will be brought to a short form to complete and once you hit the Submit Button you will have access to the White Paper.

Download White Paper

Summary Case

Pan-regional collateral operations unlock the full potential of bringing attractivevalue propositions to market:

  • Speeding the localization and production of print-ready advertisements and marcom collateral by three to five weeks
  • Reducing the total cost of one localized page of collateral by 70 percent
  • Reducing the total print cost of one localized page by 30 percent
  • Freeing 35 percent of collateral production budgets for reinvestment in more media, online promotions, or direct mail
  • Enabling four to seven marcom staffers to perform higher added-value work

These reductions of time to market and costs entail the following capabilities:

  • Centralized localization of copy and graphic images
  • Automated production of finished print-ready ads and collateral
  • Strategic sourcing of print production through print management firms

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