Best Practice Localization

Best Practices for Managing Pan-Regional Marketing Communications

Operational benchmarks that justify outsourcing the localization, production, and fulfillment of new-product launch marketing collateral and the provisioning of on-demand marcom service portals


This 32-page executive white paper examines automation strategies for maximizing the productivity of marcom operations to achieve these aims:

  • Reduce time to market for revenue-producing marcoms
  • Maintain consistent brand-marketing messages
  • Increase the number of effective selling days; and
  • Reduce overall costs of marketing communications.

Best practices define the accumulated knowledge and habits shared within a community of practitioners. In the always-on digital world of today, best practices embody the automation of tasks, activities, projects, workflows, and business processes.

This paper details a number of digital best practices associated with international marcom and, in particular, the production, sourcing, and distribution of localized marketing collateral.

We also show that higher productivity of marcom operations will result in a rather dramatic shift into a digital workspace, giving marcom executives more time for strategic thinking, a more holistic understanding of the marketing process, and greater ability to focus on key performance indicators and business results: how to increase overall return on marketing investments (ROMI).


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This paper explains that successful marketing depends on effective market coverage.

We emphasize the synchronized and rapid execution of marketing communications across multiple markets, multiple communication channels (print, online, broadcast), and multiple marcom formats (brochures, direct mail, trade promotions, point-of-purchase materials, and multimedia content for the Web and mobile devices).

This paper highlights how redundant, manual procedures and duplications associated with the time- and cost-intensive production and sourcing of collateral across global markets, multiple channels, and various collateral formats diminish effective market coverage.

This paper supports the case for outsourcing marcom operations—centralized, automated collateral production and sourcing of production and printing—to a center of excellence such as Freedman International.

In making this case, this paper explains why outsourcing marcom operations makes sense, analyzing key workflows and operational benchmarks.