Randstad Holding

Building a Global Brand Franchise Platform in Randstad Holding

How Randstad Holding transformed its local market leadership and marketing best practices into a premier global brand (44 pages)

This paper explains how Randstad Holding used the deployment of an integrated marketing operations (MOM) platform to accelerate annual earnings growth and achieve commanding positions in global markets for flexible work, human resources services, professional placement, and payroll services.

GISTICS describes the integration of MOM platform into the core business processes of Randstad Holding as a brand franchise platform , calling attention to how Randstad executives successfully systematized the delivery of consistent, high-quality business results throughout its global network of branch offices.

All service firms should take note of how Randstad Holding has applied business process management to marketing, sales, and service, creating a social network of practitioners and a culture of service innovation.


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Randstad Holding constitutes a business services firm that provides flexible work, human resources services, recruitment and placement, and payroll services operating in 20 countries across Europe, Asia, and North America.

Through rapid and sustainable growth, Randstad now stands as the third largest temporary employment firm in the world, earning eight billion euros in 2006.

Randstad executives attribute 50 percent of the company’s 2006 revenue growth to an integrated marketing operations platform, enabling the firm to open new brand offices with 11 times higher productivity through:

  • Sourcing office fixtures and marketing resources
  • Propagating systematized best practices for marketing and business development throughout its global network of retail service outlets
  • Systematizing new service offerings for specialized niches and local growth opportunities

GISTICS compiled this syncordance from four interviews of Randstad executives and their consultants, one public presentation, and excerpts from an article in the Journal of Digital Asset Management.

The editorial team at GISTICS extracted individual snippet or comments—what we call “speech acts”—mashing up these speech acts into a larger, more comprehensive narrative—what we call a Syncordance of Master-Class Interviews.

The term, “syncordance” represents a term in the Queen’s English, and connotes the coming together of individuals who share a passion in the satisfaction of curiosity.

Technically, syncordance derives from the Greek: syn- means a coming together or a confluence such as synthesis or symposium; cordance- derives from the Greek word card, as in cardiac and accord.

This Syncordance consists of input from the following individuals:

  • Frans Cornelis , Chief Marketing Officer, Randstad Holding, recorded on 10 July 2007 at the Henry Stewart Conference on Digital Asset Management and Marketing Operations Management
  • Frank Van Olst , Consultant, Nykamp Nyboer, recorded on 25 May 2007
  • Joost Schriever , Manager, International Marketing Operations, Randstad Holding, recorded on 26 June 2007 at the Henry Stewart Conference on Digital Asset Management and Marketing Operations Management
  • Joost Schriever, Manager, International Marketing Operations, Randstad Holding, excerpted from an article published in the Journal of DAM
  • Michael Moon , Editor-in-Chief, GISTICS