Customer Engagement

Orchestrating the Technologies and Processes of the Customer Engagement Cycle

Strategic roadmap for integrating traditional and online marketing and customer service with multichannel analytics, multimodal content, and analysis-driven email messaging


This 56-page executive white paper demonstrates how game-changing innovators orchestrate technologies and processes of the customer engagement cycle to increase sales, levels of customer loyalty and account retention, and share of wallet in selected consumption cohorts. Unlike most white papers, this executive white paper visually depicts the essential concepts and technologies for the non-technical executive and operation manager, presenting a collaborative framework for discussion, argument, and investment decision-making.


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Innovation and Investment in Marketing

  • What must guide all investments in new marketing technologies?
  • What single event within a marketing operation creates its most transparent demonstration of value?
  • How can new technologies provide competitive advantage, if not market disruption?
  • What operational strategies do many CMOs pursue to maximize competitive advantages?
  • What types of innovation create value?

Customer Engagement Defined

  • What frames the first principle of customer engagement, emphasizing the slow transformation of customer relationships into co-innovating partnerships?
  • What can marketers learn from the dictionary definition of engage?
  • How do we define customer engagement?
  • What constitutes Wikipedia’s definition of customer engagement?
  • How does a marketing operation engage customers?
  • What technologies support customer engagement?
  • What comprise the operation capabilities of customer engagement, emphasizing an evolving set of systems, processes, and accountabilities?
  • What comprise the operational capabilities of customer engagement?
  • How do friend networks require marketers to engage with multimodal communications?

Operational Capabilities of Customer Engagement

  • What constitutes the customer engagement cycle, emphasizing seven phases by which firms define and create engaging content?
  • What constitutes creative content in a context, emphasizing to the need to engage customers in specific venues and preferred ways to engaging a brand?
  • How do particular buyer reactions to content produce behavioral data, emphasizing a progression of data collection activities?
  • How does effective customer engagement maximize long-term customer value?
  • What contributes to multichannel analytic insights, emphasizing a more comprehensive understanding to individual customers in an engagement life cycle?
  • What comprises the service capability of a voice-of-the-customer system?
  • What contributes to content planning, media plans optimization, product-offering mixes, and social networking for customer cohorts by engagement lifecycle phase?
  • How do engagement planners optimize content, using a content customerization framework with customer preferences and consumption scenarios?
  • What elements comprise customerized content, defining the properties of customer engagement objects?
  • What technologies provide the foundation for mastering the engagement cycle?
  • What defines an operational capability?
  • What comprises an information maturity model of customer engagement?
  • How can an engagement maturity model clarify a firm’s next steps?
  • What comprise the process-maturity phases of multichannel marketing analytics, an example of example of one engagement cycle process maturity model for multi channel analytics?
  • What comprise the process-maturity phases of multimodal content management, sequencing the evolution of customer engagement objects?
  • What comprise the process-maturity phases of personalized messaging, sequencing the evolution of provisioning and executing emails and newsletters?
  • What comprise the process-maturity phases of marketing process orchestration, sequencing the evolution of marketing operations management?

Customer Engagement Partners and Practices

  • How will digital systems and self-directed customers drive organizational transformation of marketing operations?
  • How will engagement service providers interface with global marketing operations?
  • What types of brand-interaction resources do engagement operations harness on behalf of their clients?
  • What types of firms will drive “next practices” of customer engagement?
  • What constitutes an engagement operation, a new center of excellence in the marketing supply chain that will begin replacing traditional advertising agencies?
  • What comprise the four value chains needed for full customer engagement?
  • What technologies comprise the media-services value chain?
  • How does a smart content factory for video speed execution of a digital supply-chain strategy?
  • What constitutes an engagement-content strategy?

Innovation Leadership

  • What lessons can masterclass innovation leaders teach customer-engagement planners?
  • What lessons can Google teach customer-engagement planners about driving change and market disruption?
  • How do innovation leaders use small peer workgroups to specify and sequence 15- and 45-day projects?
  • How do innovation leaders secure broad support of a comprehensive, if not transformational, change agenda?

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