Content Repositories

Business Case for Marketing Content Repositories in the Enterprise

Strategies and business metrics for managing the product launch, supporting field sales, and enabling self-service access to multichannel marketing materials

This 24-page executive white paper explains how a centralized repository and related digital media services reduce the cost and speed time to market of brand identify elements, selling images, and marketing collateral.


Please follow the link below to download the white paper. You will be brought to a short form to complete and once you hit the Submit Button you will have access to the White Paper.

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Essential Questions Answers in this Paper
  • What does this paper address? Who should read it?
  • What single factor most affects revenue growth and the success of integrated marketing?
  • What makes the global launch for large enterprises so difficult to manage?
  • What types of systems can marketing harness for the successful launch?
  • What criteria do most CMOs use to measure a successful launch and the performance of industry partners?
  • How can a marketing content repository help increase revenues, ensure new launch successes, and reduce costs?
  • What are the key elements of a marketing services platform?
  • How does workflow automation of marketing services speed time to market, reduce cost, and systematize best practices?
  • How can CMOs use workflow automation to maximize revenue growth?
  • How can a marketing department eliminate external agency costs, reduce time to market for product images, and exert greater control of the brand identity?
  • How can a creative services group slash expenses and cycle time in preparing and distributing graphics to field sales, internal users, and external partners?
  • How can a Web content specialist recoup 828 hours per year previously spent “Webifying” graphics?
  • How can a regional marcom manager localize a promotion with native language text and accurate currency conversions?
  • How can enterprises speed the distribution of media kits worldwide, using the Web and automation to cut costs and time to market?
  • How can a sales executive use the presentation library of a marketing content repository to make 1.1 more sales calls per week?
  • How does workflow automation of just six activities pay for a marketing content repository in less than one year?
  • How can a CFO measure the production of customer value, using automation and activity analysis of the marketing process as the basis of fact?
  • What differentiates GISTICS as a think tank for market-making?
  • What elements define a completed digital brand offering, critical attainments preceding a soft launch?
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