DAM On-demand

Business Case for On-Demand Delivery of Digital Asset Management

Total cost of ownership models for enterprise, departmental, and workgroup-class DAM solutions


This 16-page executive white paper analyses a three-year cost of ownership of three classes of DAM capabilities, answering the following questions:

  • What types of digital files should management consider putting into an asset repository?
  • What is an enterprise asset repository?
  • What are the key functions of DAM to assist with marketing operations?
  • What are the key elements of on-demand delivery of DAM?
  • What are the total lifecycle costs for workgroup-class DAM, comparing costs of office deployment of DAM versus an on-demand DAM service?
  • What are the total lifecycle costs of departmental DAM, comparing costs of an internally deployed DAM versus on-demand delivery of DAM?
  • What are the total lifecycle costs of large enterprise DAM, comparing costs of internally deployed DAM versus the on-demand delivery of DAM?

Please follow the link below to download the white paper. You will be brought to a short form to complete and once you hit the Submit Button you will have access to the White Paper.

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