Workflow Innovations

Driving Workflow Innovations into Large Media Operations

Comprehensive interview with Vincent DiPaola of Moksa Incorporated, explaining how the open plugin architecture of Canto Cumulus transforms a DADAM into a process innovation platform

In this 12-page interview Michael Moon of GISTICS and Vincent DiPaolo, of Moksa discuss the challenges of innovating business processes and rich-media workflows using commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) DAM technology, addressing these topics:

  • Fundamentals of DAM workflows
  • Plug-in architecture to support rapid innovation
  • Developer ecosystem creates real strategic value
  • Case against traditional enterprise DAMs
  • Beyond server virtualization

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Vincent DiPaola was one of the first graphic designers in the United States to recognize the power of Apple Macintosh technology for publishing. He is credited with being the first to produce a full-color catalog with digital technology from start to finish. Over the years, he has developed a strong but independent working relationship with Apple Computer. They often seek his advice, use him as a consultant to others and send him software and hardware for evaluation. Today he is a much sought after speaker in the fields of digital publishing, prepress and image manipulation. He tours extensively, speaking at seminars and contributing to workshops and has taught photography and graphic design at the university level.