Michael Moon, CEO of GISTICS personally invites you to download any of these complimentary publications.Michael Jay Moon, CEO, GISTICS Incorporated

As an innovation think tank for improving how firms attract, serve, and keep profitable customers for life, GISTICS assist in the rapid adoption of new technology and innovations among enterprises and consumers.

Founded in 1987, GISTICS helps to minimize the risk of new technology adoption through publications and events that deliver the following:

  • Investment analyses that justify the purchase of a featured system
  • Definition of the critical success patterns of successful adopters
  • Activity-based analyses that quantify the benefits of automated processes on supply chains, workflows, and end-user activities
  • Visual explanations of how new technologies produce economic value
  • Interviews with successful adopters of new technologies

This library contains many of white papers which you may download at no cost.

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This new series addresses the pressing need for marketing organizations to rationalize their business policies and transactions, applying the proven principles of strategic sourcing and supplier management to the procurement of creative services, marketing content, and production.

Making the Case for Ad Agency Governance

Masterclass interview with Chetan Saiya, CEO of Assetlink, describing how enterprise-marketing organizations can use an integrated systems-based process to manage their creative partners and advertising agencies in a more accountable and efficient manner, ensuring that agencies provide the most appropriate resources at pre-agreed prices and terms of service. (12 pages) MORE DETAILS | TO DOWNLOAD


This new series addresses the need to speed up the content creation processes, emphasizing digital workflows, approval management, and automated publishing.

Automating Creative and Advertising Workflows at Newsday

Masterclass interview with James Kober, Newsday Corporation, describing how a multi-channel advertising operation uses DAM to drive process innovations, cost savings, and faster cycle times (8 pages)  MORE DETAILS | DOWNLOAD NOW

Driving Workflow Innovations into Large Media Operations

Masterclass interview with Vince DiPaola, CEO of Moksa Incorporated, explaining how the open plug-in architecture of DAM applications and automation of workflow activities in creative workgroups transform a DAM system into a process innovation platform (12 pages) MORE DETAILS | DOWNLOAD NOW


This series addresses the business requirements for speeding the distribution of final-form content and reusable assets to industry partners and brand touchpoints.

Making the Business Case for Digital Asset Management

Strategies and business metrics for estimating the economic benefits of digital asset management and related technologies (32 pages) DOWNLOAD NOW

Business Case for On-Demand Delivery of Digital Asset Management

Total cost of ownership models for enterprise, departmental, and workgroup-class DAM solutions (16 pages) DOWNLOAD NOW


This series addresses the needs of marketing communication professionals for better tools and automated processes.

Business Case for Marketing Content Repositories in the Enterprise

Strategies and business metrics for managing the product launch, supporting field sales, and enabling self-service access to multichannel marketing materials (24 pages) DOWNLOAD NOW

Business Case for On-Demand Delivery of Digital Brand Management in Global Marketing Operations

Impact of automating the management and international distribution of approved marketing content, reusable media components, and digital assets on multichannel product launches, field sales productivity, and brand-voice consistency. Includes ROI payback models, business metrics, process automation benchmarks, and outsourcing-service requirements for reducing the cost and time to market throughout the marketing communications value chain (44 pages)  DOWNLOAD NOW


This series addresses the needs for innovation and process improvements in marketing operations.

Building a Global Brand Franchise Platform in Randstad Holding

How Randstad Holding transformed its local market leadership and marketing best practices into a premier global brand (44 pages) DOWNLOAD NOW

Digital Supply Chain Strategies for Marketing and Packaging Assets

How global brand-marketing communication groups maximize their productivity with workflow automation, digital asset management, and real-time collaboration tools (32 pages) DOWNLOAD NOW

Orchestrating the Technologies and Processes of the Customer Engagement Cycle

Strategic roadmap for integrating traditional and online marketing and customer service with multichannel analytics, multimodal content, and analysis-driven email messaging (56 pages) DOWNLOAD NOW


This series addresses how global firms speed the localization of marketing content, emphasizing the option of outsourcing the localization effort to a center of excellence.

Best Practices for Managing Pan Regional Marketing Communications

Operational benchmarks that justify outsourcing the localization, production, and fulfillment of new-product launch marketing collateral and the provisioning of on-demand marcomm service portals (32 pages)  DOWNLOAD NOW

Pan-Regional Marketing Productivity Dividends from Outsourced Collateral Operations

How to redirect savings from outsourced pan-regional collateral operations to additional media placements and campaigns within existing operational budgets (80 pages) DOWNLOAD NOW


This series addresses the core of all firms: how to use technology to attract, serve, and keep profitable customers for life.

Customer Engagement Infrastructure

Introducing the information maturity model for customer engagement and the technologies of the engagement cycle: Multichannel analytics, messaging and personalization platforms, voice-of-customer content analytics, content planning and optimization systems, multimodal content management, process orchestration platforms and partnerships, customer engagement objects (20 pages) DOWNLOAD NOW

Smart Promotional Platforms

Technologies and best practices for using smart promotion platforms to transfer brand ownership from the corporation to the consumer, create the language for word of mouth advocacy, and empower consumer sales channels (16 pages) DOWNLOAD NOW


This series addresses many IT-related issues of productivity and IT service management.

Business Case For Automating the Business-Forms Lifecycle

Strategies, business metrics, and activity-based payback models that justify an integrated electronic forms-processing system for financial services, government, and manufacturing, emphasizing how the rigidity and logistics burdens of manual, paper-based forms add hidden costs and time delays to critical business information flows (32 pages)  DOWNLOAD NOW

Digital Mailrooms: Fixing Your Weakest Link in the Customer Value Chain

Business case for the centralized digital processing of paper-based mail, business forms, faxes, and email, speeding an organization’s overall time to satisfy customer requests for information, order processing, and service fulfillment. Includes analysis of lifecycle costs and cycle-time gains for processing new mortgages, new account establishment, accounts receivables, and service-fulfillment cycles in a public institution (36 pages)   DOWNLOAD NOW

Impact of Enterprise Collaboration on Productivity of Intangible Assets

Business case for speeding acquisitions and divestitures, value-chain innovations, enhanced customer value, and strategic sourcing of indirect spend with enterprise collaboration platforms (40 pages)  DOWNLOAD NOW


This new series addresses the needs of the government sector

Digital Supply-Chain Strategies for Multisensor Intelligence

How automated data acquisition, format standardization, and content analyses can speed the on-demand delivery of multisensor intelligence packages to battlespace commanders, homeland first responders, and strategic decision makers (48 pages) MORE DETAILS | DOWNLOAD NOW