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MM: Would you speak to your IT infrastructure? How has it grown since the inception of your Cumulus DAM, in terms of your network topology, bandwidth requirements, storage, servers, and stuff like that?

JK: That’s an interesting story. The Canto Cumulus solution was originally purchased as a small workgroup solution for the small group of artists.

MM: As many are!

JK: It’s a wonderful solution. I’m sure it works fine.

Strategically, it didn’t take long for us to see that it could be much more than that. It could not only support all of our internal folks—advertising included. We wanted to take it outside and have the folks tap in with the clients, out on the road, and keep the feet on the street.

When you go from a small workgroup solution, of course, to a pretty big enterprise version solution, when you start talking about hundreds of users on the system, we needed a good partner to support us. Then of course the IT structure came in to play.

We started, Michael, with one Windows server that was running both the Canto Cumulus solution and its Web services on the same exact box.

MM: This was a 4-wide Dell or Compaq type box?

JK: Yes. Exactly. It’s going to the point now where the whole solution is being ported to Linux. Full disaster recovery.

MM: That would be like a RedHat Linux?

JK: That’s correct. And a separate Web server.

MM: And you’re running on probably the same kind of Intel box? Or are you moving?

JK: Yes. I believe it’s that same type of Intel box. It’s going to be high availability and recoverable, et cetera, et cetera.

I guess the plans for the future could even be porting it to Solaris. The IT folks here are certainly comfortable with all of the solutions between Windows, Linux, and Solaris. But they felt that the best solution for now was to go with Linux. They want the user to have the best experience.

Another thing I’ve learned many years ago, Michael—sometimes with the users, the advertising folks, et cetera. You have one shot to grab their attention and to get their buy in. IT plays a role in having the system perform well and help you with that. Certainly your support vendor plays a huge role in that, as well.

MM: So right now, you have 200 users and a quarter million digital assets on one 4-wide Dell server or Compaq server?

JK: Correct.

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