Introducing: James Kober of Newsday Corporation

Masterclass interview by Michael Moon of James Kober, Newsday Corporation: how a multi-channel advertising operation uses Canto Cumulus to drive process innovations, cost savings, and faster cycle times


MM: We’re here with James Kober of Newsday. Let’s start off with a little bit of background, your current position, and a little bit of your career highlights.

JK: My name is James Kober, and my current job title at Newsday is prepress area manager.

I’ve been with the company almost 19 years. I went to Queens College in the City University of New York system. I was looking for a job right after school. I came to Newsday and I took an entry-level job.

I’ve been through various jobs from clerking in the ad layout department to actually honing my prepress skills and becoming an ad operator/imaging technician and an assistant supervisor. I’ve worked my way up to the point where I now am supervising 144 people.

I have all of Newsday’s prepress/ad layout folks from the front end—interactive or print—all the way up to output to plate. I also have the Newsday subsidiary, Star Publishing. They produce 183 weeklies.

So there’s a little bit about my background.


MM: Would you give us a little bit of an overview of Newsday as an organization—the approximate size, number of employees, and information like that?

JK: The Newsday Media Group, as they now like to be known, now has about 2,200 employees. It started out in a garage, in Garden City—60-some odd years ago. I believe it was 1940. Newsday was founded by Alicia Patterson. Her father was involved with the Daily News.

Obviously, the last several years, there’s been a sea change in the newspaper industry. Folks are moving more and more toward the Web to get their news. People are very busy in their lives—finding less time to read the newspaper.

But the recent encouraging and exciting news is that Newsday was purchased by Cablevision—the sixth-largest cable operator in the country. That deal was closed approximately 3.5 months ago. Everyone here is hopeful that with Cablevision’s programming and advertising structure, we can cover all of our customers’ needs between print, online, and television.

So we’re excited about the future, and we’re just starting—with baby steps—to move into that area, right now.

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