Integration with Creative Tools and Suites

MM: A couple of last questions. To what degree have your creative teams integrated their desktop tools—Creative Suite or Photoshop or whatever—to the DAM directly? Or are they working through a browser?

BG: They’re working through the browser.

AS: Is this an integration you’d like to see BJ? Or is the browser enough?

BG: I would have to understand better what the benefits are to having the tools connect to the DAM. If it changes the way the creative team builds their files and disrupts their routine with no benefits then I would think working as we do today is fine.

AS: You might see, though, that the metadata in the Creative Suite is the same metadata framework as in your DAM system. So you do have an entrée at the asset level.

BG: Right, but I wonder what the benefits are. I see having that technology available is new and interesting. But what is the pay off or win?

MM: Another question I have with respect to your system. You really talk about an image library and an image workflow where photograph is king. Clearly, in a marketing operation, there are things like documents—be they catalog pages or sales sheets or direct mail pieces, video, etc.

MM: How have you integrated, if at all, the document publishing workflow into this Global Edit workflow that you have today?

BG: I have a two-part answer to that. The first part of the answer is how we are doing it right now, and the second part is where I’d like the system to evolve and the challenges with that vision.

First, we currently store final marketing documents in the DAM project folder, JPEGs of the final in-store signs, advertisements, CRM, PR.  I definitely wanted to capture all the marketing materials that we created with these images and post them to the DAM system so everyone could reference what was done from our end with those images—a comprehensive library of the project.

Second, we do more of the publishing workflow and project tracking in a software application called Adtrax. The creative job jackets are here where the copy team writes in the system, schedules are kept, email notifications are sent with updates, and we keep legal boilerplates here. The system works really well.

The challenge for Industrial Color to come up with a way that GLOBALedit and Adtrax share information or link. I would like it to be either by job number or some sort of code that makes them link. So if you’re in a job folder in Adtrax you will be able to connect to GLOBALedit and see the images that are being used for that project.

There is not only appetite to have the two be able to link, but even further than that is “Can Industrial Color build out a project-management tracking system to work with the image asset workflow system?” It would be interesting to be in one big system that is web-based. I have to give it more thought to see if it makes sense because if it’s not their expertise then I don’t want to go down that path. We won’t get the best product.

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