Improvisation by example

MM: It seems to me that having a gallery of multimedia assets in front of a creative person stimulates all kinds of ideation—”what ifs” and “how abouts”—that almost train or install by example the need to create in a multimedia and multimodal communications and engagement context.

JK: The creative artists, in a way, you could say they had some of these galleries in the past—when you talk about stock art and about these various websites for purchased content. But now they have a whole new thing to look at.

They can look at the messages created by their colleagues by using Adobe Flash, and the points that are driven home, and the way those messages are composed. They can collaborate and be inspired much more easily than in the past, without DAM.

In the past, I guess you’d have had to walk over to that person’s computer and strike up a conversation to see what they were working on. Now it’s in front of their fingertips. They’re literally in the DAM all day long, putting their work there or retrieving it.

I think it is inspiration. They do view each others’ work much more often now.

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