Ideation and Workspaces

MM: Ideation is really kind of about workspaces for instant ad hoc collaboration. Then the next piece is scheduling. That’s, “How do we manage a whole bunch of different conversations with our supply chain?” That goes into the editorial copywriting workflow management system.

If you do it right—which is to say, if you think about it as tagged XML data or tagged XML content… so the content is going… all the copyrighting is happening as tagged XML content within a database or a data structure. Then you also get the delicious opportunity of being able to pour liquefied editorial content into print, online and POP formats, as well as being able to speed the localization—which is the translation and regionalization of stuff.

BG: Yes, essentially we are flowing the copy from Adtrax into designer layouts. But as you mentioned we are not making catalogs full of copy.

Localization Comes Next

MM: I’m not sure that localization is a big deal for Victoria’s Secret now, but I’m sure it’s something that will be.

BG: It will be, we are expanding next year internationally.

It’s very, very interesting how we work here. It’s like no other place I’ve ever been. What you just mapped out in is something I could see happening at other companies I’ve worked at. CKS—a design firm—or Apple or Oracle. I can easily see that. Especially Oracle because it’s marketing is localized in so many countries. They have a more traditional set up for the marketing department.

MM: I understand. And it’s retail.

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