Evangelism: BIG STORY

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In this stage of the Solution Lifecycle, a few users have emerged as “very satisfied, arm-waving, walking-talking, brand-fan who advocates” of a particular product or services, and will (if asked) support, train, and inspire other customers to follow in his or her footsteps. Before these would-be-evangelists can move, however, they must “work through” several essential questions:

Big story needed

What dream or big story does this product or service enable me to tell?

  • We can now spend more time doing our creative work and less time on logistics
  • We are able to execute our marketing campaigns more effectively and efficiently
  • We got up and running with a digital asset management solution in a matter of days. It was painless.
  • We are doing a much better job of staying on brand, more of the time, around the globe
  • I can rest at night knowing that we have considerably lowered the risk of copyright infringement

What else have you found in your experience?

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