Emergence of full-service agency

MM: If I understand you right, James, many of these changes that you’ve described show that Newsday, in particular, and perhaps publishers in general, will become full-service marketing and creative agencies.

JK: Yes. I have found that to a significant and increasing degree.

MM: And that technology allows the agency function to exist as a node on the network. Depending upon where you have an account executive, you’ve now got the ability to deliver creative and production services without necessarily having a lot of bricks and mortor.

JK: Yes. I’d agree with that, Michael. I think that’s very valid.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to the creative and how happy the creative makes those clients. But certainly the technology and getting that creative to the client in a very timely fashion—with good interaction and good visuals—is certainly helping us tremendously.

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