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MM: It probably also keeps track of who transferred what to whom, by time of day and user ID?

BG: I don’t think Aspera does. I think that’s just a total high-speed highway. But the tracking of images is available in our DAM workflow system. That’s something that I wanted.

Actually, that brings up a good point. A lot of the systems that I was looking at did not have different reporting formats. They only had one way to pull the reports, and only one kind of report you could pull. I wanted a system that I could pull reports by user, by image and by day and hour and week. To get how many terabytes or megabytes were being transferred. Instantaneously, I wanted to be able to pull reports. Who was using it the most? Who am I saving the most time for? So I could report back to the executives about what kind of return on investment we were getting. I really wanted a robust reporting-and-tracking system.

MM: So they gave you a really robust reporting and query system that allowed you to correlate and collate various aspects of the activity journal into higher-level business information. You’re saying that was part of the system? Or was that added to the system, but they integrated it for you?

BG: You know, I really can’t remember what was offered at the onset. We started exploring all the needs for the system in such an organic way that part of the reports were theirs and some were my vision.

MM: How does management use the information that they’re getting from your reports?

BG: Because we just turned it on in February and we just on-boarded 68 users to the system, we’re very much in the infancy stage of making sense of all the reports. I’m just pulling the reports to see how many people are on the system at this point, accessing it and figure out how many assets they are actually downloading. We have so many different teams in the enterprise that are using this system. Which ones are really using it the most and finding efficiencies with their time?

Right now, I’m more curious to see how this adds up as far as expense on a weekly and monthly basis. So right now, it’s really high-level—just getting the information out of it.

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