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In this state of a Solution Lifecycle most buyers confront the real and threatening issues of change, disruption to ongoing operations, loss of stature or respect resulting from a bad business decision, how to justify the purchase of a product or service. However before they can move forward, they must answer several essential questions:

Institutional Accountability

Who in the organization has clearly established accountability for the effects of the current situation?

  • Chief Marketing Officer – overall responsibility for brand stewardship and marketing effectiveness
  • Marketing Operations (VP or Director) – responsible for driving efficiency of marketing process
  • Brand Manager or Director – responsible for the integrity of brand-voice: keeping the marcom on brand
  • Creative Services or Marketing Communications (VP or Director) – responsible for marketing communications and the execution of campaigns. Responsible for budgets as well as creative
  • Line Manager, Project Manager, Art Director – responsible for the creative execution itself
  • IT – responsible for systems

What else have you found in your experience?

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