Consultant's summary of workflow

MM: Vince, as the lead consultant on the project, would you give a quick survey of how this works?

VDP: First the graphic artist ingests the newly created ad into Cumulus. When they are ready to have the ad reviewed, they simply select the Publish to PDF option from a custom Moksa-created menu. This triggers a process that sends the ad through an approval process that first creates a PDF of the file and then publishes it to a Web catalog. An email is then generated by the system, addressed to appropriate sales and clients needing to approve the ad. The email contains a link that logs the user into the Web catalog, and places them right at the ad review screen. Here it can be approved or edit comments can be collected for modification requirements. If edits are necessary, the comments will be collected and forwarded to the graphic designer, together with a link to the original InDesign document, via email. This loop may continue until the ad is approved.

JK: The digital revolution has certainly streamlined the process and truly benefits our customers by getting them what they need faster, and giving them more time to make any necessary changes that they may need.

MM: Taking that a step further—let’s get away from print and talk about interactive and video for a moment. Everyone seems to be very excited about the potential for video. In the past, I guess you’d have to have a client come in to do the presentation or work hard to get an artist to go out and visit the client.

JK: We are shooting several videos. And we’re doing a bunch of Flash ads for the website. Again, we put those Flash ads and videos into the Cumulus digital asset management system and when a sales rep is out on the road visiting a client, they could use the Web browser to tap into the system. They could then download the video and show it right at the client’s place of business. Or they could show the Flash ad and say, “This is what your cube ad would look like on” Very exciting thing!

I think it gives us an advantage over the competition.

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