• Consultant's summary of workflow

    MM: Vince, as the lead consultant on the project, would you give a quick survey of how this works? VDP: First the graphic artist ingests the newly created ad into Cumulus. When they are ready to have the ad reviewed, they simply select the Publish to PDF option from a custom Moksa-created menu. This triggers […]

  • Newspaper industry transformations

    MM: You talked about how publishing in general and newspapers in particular continue to undergo significant structural changes to their business models and sources of revenue. Could you expand upon some of those changes and how digital technology continues to provide a platform for innovating and driving some of those changes or addressing some of […]

  • Ad operations

    MM: Could you describe a little more of what goes on in terms of ad operations—both in terms of the clients and the advertisers that you serve and the kinds of ads that your operations produce? JK: We serve any and all advertisers. If we have a small business on Long Island and they need […]

  • Introducing: James Kober of Newsday Corporation

    Masterclass interview by Michael Moon of James Kober, Newsday Corporation: how a multi-channel advertising operation uses Canto Cumulus to drive process innovations, cost savings, and faster cycle times BACKGROUND MM: We’re here with James Kober of Newsday. Let’s start off with a little bit of background, your current position, and a little bit of your […]

  • Start Small, Stay Focused, and Scale Up Later

    MM: I want to again thank you very much for the interview. Any last comments you’d like to say about our interview today? BG: To expand on that last comment about the Henry Stewart Symposium. Since those two Henry Stewart conferences, I have spoke with many people from Fortune 500 companies who still after attending […]

  • On DAM Symposia by Henry Stewart Events

    MM: With respect to the Henry Stuart DAM Symposia… I take it you’ve been there before. BG: Yes. To the New York one last year, and to the LA one in November. MM: What was your experience of being there as an industry peer? BG: New York, I really went to observe, listen and meet […]

  • Ideation and Workspaces

    MM: Ideation is really kind of about workspaces for instant ad hoc collaboration. Then the next piece is scheduling. That’s, “How do we manage a whole bunch of different conversations with our supply chain?” That goes into the editorial copywriting workflow management system. If you do it right—which is to say, if you think about […]

  • The Messy Go-between of Strategy and Content Production

    MM: It seems to me that the route to that integrated system will be through your catalog and web team. That’s because the point of integration oftentimes starts with editorial and copyrighting workflow that precedes the actual publishing process—be it print or online. So the point of integration would answer the question, “How do we […]

  • Integration with Creative Tools and Suites

    MM: A couple of last questions. To what degree have your creative teams integrated their desktop tools—Creative Suite or Photoshop or whatever—to the DAM directly? Or are they working through a browser? BG: They’re working through the browser. AS: Is this an integration you’d like to see BJ? Or is the browser enough? BG: I […]

  • SaaS Flies Under ITs Radar

    BG: Sad to say, but we want to keep IT out of our projects, and we want to keep our executives out of our budgets. MM: BJ, that really underscores the whole value proposition of “software as a service.” That’s, “I don’t have to deploy anything.” You call it a web service, but it’s hosted […]

  • Protecting property with watermarks

    We are also working and wanting to put custom watermarking on our images, so that we prevent unauthorized reuse of our images. MM: Is that visible watermarks? Or invisible watermarks? BG: They are developing a visible ghosted watermark. MM: Sure. Have you been identifying particular vendors for that? Is it something that you also want to have […]