• Skills of DAM professionals

    SKILLS OF DAM PROFESSIONALS MM: Are there any other particular technologies or other kinds of complementary skills that a DAMster should have? JK: I think a DAMster should have as much knowledge about Adobe’s Creative Suite as they can obtain. I know that’s a very broad statement. There’s so much to extract from the Creative […]

  • Careers in DAM

    Hands-on skills MM: Perhaps you can speak to some of the more human and/or professional dimensions of a DAM practitioner? You led off today talking about your 19-year career and working your way from the bottom up. Now you have 150 or so people reporting to you. If you were advising or coaching somebody that […]

  • Huge files across corporate networks

    MM: So daily production workflow would then include pulling many large files across the network. How did you accommodate that? Do you have a separate network over which you pull these files? Or does it take place on your basic corporate network? JK: It’s the basic corporate network. And I’m glad you asked that question, […]

  • IT support of DAM

    MM: Would you speak to your IT infrastructure? How has it grown since the inception of your Cumulus DAM, in terms of your network topology, bandwidth requirements, storage, servers, and stuff like that? JK: That’s an interesting story. The Canto Cumulus solution was originally purchased as a small workgroup solution for the small group of […]

  • 3 Workflow automation strategies

    MM: Let’s get your take on three basic philosophies for workflow. First, we have the top-down, complex, and expensive policy-managed routing systems that can model and automate for complex enterprise-wide workflows. Second, you might have a prebaked workflow system that says, “Here is a procedure.” It’s a matter of turning on and off switches, configuring […]

  • Process innovations from the bottom-up

    MM: If I were to summarize; one, you had a technology that integrated seamlessly with Mac and PC users. Two, Cumulus accommodated all the file types and media formats that you use and has plugins and a developer community to address new or specialized file types. Three, you and your consultant, Vince, got involved up […]

  • DAM-enabled workflows support fieldsales

    MM: This calls attention to another core concept of creative support DAMs: optimization for creative workflows and work-in-process files—as opposed to repository and distribution DAMs optimized for central management and access-control functions. In particular, DAMs that work well in creative and work-in-process workflows tend to have a pretty well-behaved Mac and PC native client by […]

  • Improvisation by example

    MM: It seems to me that having a gallery of multimedia assets in front of a creative person stimulates all kinds of ideation—”what ifs” and “how abouts”—that almost train or install by example the need to create in a multimedia and multimodal communications and engagement context. JK: The creative artists, in a way, you could […]

  • Breaking down the walls

    MM: I’m sure that you’ve seen that in the process of thinking through, “How do we repurpose things,” many of those ideas or notions filter back into the actual creative process so you create multipurposed assets from the get-go, as opposed to trying to shoehorn a print asset into a Web space. JK: Outstanding point. […]

  • Using data to stimulate collaboration

    MM: My wife has a business in which she coaches solo practitioners and owners of small professional and business services. Specifically, she has really mastered the art of how to market yourself as a provider of personal or business services—from real estate brokers to life coaches to massage therapists. Her work makes it clear that […]

  • All about great creative

    MM: That gets to an underlying theme of what it takes to produce great creative. Oftentimes people operate under what I think of as a misconception: creative is some guy off in a corner with a ponytail and a Mac making up something that looks cool and in a flash of insight goes, “Ah! That’ll […]

  • Emergence of full-service agency

    MM: If I understand you right, James, many of these changes that you’ve described show that Newsday, in particular, and perhaps publishers in general, will become full-service marketing and creative agencies. JK: Yes. I have found that to a significant and increasing degree. MM: And that technology allows the agency function to exist as a […]