Breaking down the walls

MM: I’m sure that you’ve seen that in the process of thinking through, “How do we repurpose things,” many of those ideas or notions filter back into the actual creative process so you create multipurposed assets from the get-go, as opposed to trying to shoehorn a print asset into a Web space.

JK: Outstanding point. I believe that the messages and the way you grab people’s attention on the Web could be very different from print. I have to confess that I don’t come from a creative background—I come more from a production background.

But what the artists are telling me is that just the ability to take those elements from InDesign and port them into Flash…

But you’re right. The main point you were making, Michael—I agree with this. At the point of creativity and as they’re conceiving these ideas, they’re thinking about that at that time. At least this is our goal–that they think about that, at that time.

The other thing I wanted to mention is that many places have walls between the print folks and the interactive folks. We broke down those walls several years ago, and I made a bet on the future of DAMs and on the Adobe Creative Suite.

I told the company, “Let’s take those walls down,” because the artists will be able to repurpose their content for the Web. It’s all coming together now. This is the way. You’re exactly right. The artists are thinking about this at the time of creation.

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