Beginning the Journey of DAM

MM: With respect to your journey of DAM, would you take us back to when you first started to think about, “We need a better way of doing something.” Were you part of that initial kickoff?

BG: No, I was not part of the very first kickoff. I came to Victoria’s Secret two years ago and one of my new direct reports was struggling to start a DAM system. He was challenged for a good three years by the Creative Director to get the many hard drives into some sort of digital library so that we weren’t losing images and they were easier to find.

At that point, digital asset management hadn’t evolved or doesn’t have as many options as it does today. He couldn’t find an independent company that would host the asset management. It was going to be one of our big printers that wanted to build our asset-management system. That’s kind of limiting when it’s the printer that’s actually hosts the asset management because other vendors may not be able to load into it.

So he never got it off the ground. When I got here, the creative director approached me and said, “Can you really try to find some sort of way to catalog all of our images?” She really didn’t even speak in terms of digital asset management. She just spoke of, “We need a better way to find our images and catalog our images.”

So I started digging in. I started investigating several companies, learning about their capabilities and whether we host it or they host it. What the contracts were, et cetera? Then eventually, I came up with a company that we wanted to work with.

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