Awash in Photography

MM: So that means on an annual basis, you probably create lots and lots of high-resolution color-touched, color-corrected photographs.

BG: Yes, hundreds. In 2007 the Stores Channel retouched 969 images alone.

MM: Do you have any sense in terms of how many photographs you either have on inventory now and/or create on an annual basis?

BG: The stores channel has at least 10 photo shoots a year that probably generates about 1000 shots a year. Right now the stores channel has 6 terabytes of assets stored in the DAM dating back to 2003. I’d say we have approximately 86,000 images. Not as much as direct, but lots of images.

MM: Direct, because it’s a broader product line, would probably have as many as two or three times that number?

BG: Yes, it’s even five to 10 times as many.

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