Apple-esque Interface for Creative Users

MM: Right. That means that they had a system that was flexible enough to accommodate your evolving set of requirements and needs? What other criteria did you use in selecting a vendor?

BG: That their interface be user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing to the creative eye—and as I say—”Apple-esque.” It’s a very creative atmosphere, here. If you put some really boring software enterprise solution in front of these designers, they’re not going to want to use it. You want these designers to try the system and see how easy it was. So I really wanted a cool interface.

AS: This is an important point. There is a direct connection in creative environments between user-interface and system utilization. Enterprise solutions seeking to expand into media content workflows will need to place a higher priority into improving the state of their system’s usability. [NOTE: Andrew Salop joins this interview. As a consultant, he worked with BJ Gray in implementing the DAM at Victoria’s Secret]

BG: I also wanted a company that was using the latest and greatest technology out there to build their DAM application so that we weren’t always a step behind of what was being offered by others. Like high-speed file transfer, etc. I wanted a company that was on the cutting edge of their industry.

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