All about great creative

MM: That gets to an underlying theme of what it takes to produce great creative. Oftentimes people operate under what I think of as a misconception: creative is some guy off in a corner with a ponytail and a Mac making up something that looks cool and in a flash of insight goes, “Ah! That’ll work!” Then, they storyboard something and off they go to the client and sell it.

More often than not, you start off with a germ of an idea that might become something. Then comes communication, collaboration, and interaction with a whole bunch of different people, including the quantitative side of the house that’s looking at analytics (customer demographics and trends like that) retail or Web site traffic reports with the questions of what kinds of people show up, where, and when.

Out of this kind of really rich “soup” of communication and interaction comes a creative product that reflects not only a good marketing focus, but also a way of really engaging very specific customer groups as influenced or directed by the retailer or brand marketer.

So communication and collaboration tend to be much more a part of great creative. It’s only exacerbated or multiplied by the question, “How do I get great creative into print and online?”

JK: Yes. I agree with everything you say, Michael. I think in the future, this will be taken to new levels of collaboration.

Using some of the Adobe tools and using Canto Cumulus as a DAM system, I’ve noticed that the collaboration—in my opinion—has gotten much better.

So think about it. You don’t have to take paper proofs of a concept or a storyboard to an advertising director or the AE. You might just shoot them a link that ties back to the Cumulus database and they’ll look for it themselves and annotate it themselves.

That type of collaboration is only going to become greater and greater as the tools get more sophisticated.

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