Ad operations

MM: Could you describe a little more of what goes on in terms of ad operations—both in terms of the clients and the advertisers that you serve and the kinds of ads that your operations produce?

JK: We serve any and all advertisers. If we have a small business on Long Island and they need help building their ad, they don’t have to pay an agency. We certainly will do that for them. It’s part of the price of the ad. Then we’ll do campaigns and we’ll put together presentations for someone like Target—which we did last year.

We literally go from the small local retailers all the way up. We’ll do work for the national folks if they want us to get involved with helping them.

We have a full creative staff, and any creative needs of the company on the advertising side are handled by that group. Then we have a full production staff. So they’ll handle any of the production needs that arise when customers send in their digital files.

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