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We know that digital asset management or DAM in marketing groups can save lots of time and money, free up key personnel, and speed the delivery of marketing content. This “conversation microsite” explains how non-technical marketing professionals implemented DAM in their firms, produced great results, and advanced their careers. Drawn from executive interviews and edited as heavily tagged blog posts, you will find the journey of DAM for marketing unfold as a series of conversation starters.
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Snapshot Story

Digital asset management repositories may contain brand images, photos, drawings, video clips, and packaging artwork, editable documents such as presentations, templates for proposals, and final form content such as brochures.

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  • Central Propositions

      • Marketing brings new products and related content to those potential customers most likely to buy.


      • Reducing time-to-market maximizes revenue opportunities.



      • Inefficient ways of managing marketing content reduce revenue opportunities, calling attention to the negative effect of manual processes to distribute marketing content to Web teams, field sales, and trade partners.


    • Greater levels of automation for content workflows speed time-to-market, reduce off-brand messages, lower total cost, and enable reallocation of cost savings (buy more media, ad words, etc.


  • Most firms can increase revenues and lower operational costs through automation of their content operations, using centralized repositories of reusable brand-media components.